Balance your thoughts, your body & your soul

Bring out the best in you and live your ideal life…

Achieve personal, professional and spiritual growth. Find your balance and your soul’s desire. Learn to act not only from your head but also from your heart. Inspired by the proven tradition of the Veda’s in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.


You can feel out of balance for different reasons: Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Maybe you don’t even feel out of balance but you may have a specific question you would like to be coached on.
Whatever it is, I would love to work with you!
The combination of head/heart, body and soul is the basis of my coaching approach. The key to an optimal, happy and successful life lies in this interaction!


Do you feel a specific tension in your body? Are you close to feeling burned-out?
Would you like to add a daily yoga practice or mediation to your life?


Would you like to start your own business and do you feel resistance or fear?
Are you overwhelmed with sadness or are there too many changes in your life and you’ve lost your groove?


Do you have too much on your mind? Would like to be able to keep your cool and perform and deliver results? Are thoughts standing in the way of you reaching your goals or of leading the life you would want to live?

Anne-Marij van Leengoed Coaching


Are you feeling challenged in regards to Self-Love, motivation, Self-Worth, doubts, trauma or anger?
Your life is going well but you’re missing purpose?

Book an intake and find your soul’s purpose

Would you like to find out what Coaching can do for you? and wether or not we will be the right fit? Book an intake meeting and discover your full potential!



Am I the right coach for you?

My life motto: Where there is a will there is a way!

I Believe in You!
And I am convinced you can achieve your life goals!

I bring out the best in you & you’re in charge!

All the good is already present in you, including quietude. I’ll just help you find it.

I am a good listener & ask powerful questions…

So you can live your best life. Exactly in the way that suits you best.

I practice
What I preach

Everyday I practice yoga, meditation & study Vedanta.
Self-development is an ongoing process.


Anne-Marij has brought me so much in a short time in how I can get closer to myself and gain insight into what it takes to find balance again. The Kriyas (yoga exercises) have a huge positive impact both mentally and physically. In addition, Anne-Marij really takes the time to get to the heart of the coaching conversations. She thinks from what she hears and experiences very nicely which next step or exercise is right for me at that moment.
Reineke, coachee
Anne-Marij's yoga classes are inspiring to me. She gives it in a very pleasant way, she explains everything well and the meditations are beautiful. She is very professional. I experience that yoga does something to me, the silence, awareness of my mind and body, it gives a calm feeling.
Cil, Yogaleerling
“Anne-Marij is my first mentor and life coach in the Netherlands. She is very visionary and humble. I had a good academic career in Turkey. Later I came to the Netherlands as an immigrant. Anne-Marij has restored my self-confidence. I understand how important a mentor is to a successful and good life. Together with her I started building new networks here. Thank you very much dear Anne-Marij”
Coachee Haarlem
Serhat, coachee


Besides the old Vedic scriptures, is nature also the most beautiful source for personal, professional and spiritual growth. They both invoke contemplations that can inspire and transform us. Where do you find your inspiration?

Yoga in de auto

Yoga betekent eenwording, herenigen. Één worden met je ware natuur, met je pure zijn, met je hoger bewustzijn. Volgens de

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